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Exhaust Fan Maintenance

An exhaust fan is the most crucial component of a restaurant’s exhaust hood system. Proper exhaust fan maintenance can not only extend the life of the unit and save thousands of dollars in costly repairs bills, but also avoid expensive downtime. We can design a low cost preventative maintenance plan for your operation which will include the installation of a new fan belt, adjusting proper tension of said belt, and lubricating fan bearings.


Miller provides UL listed, replacement filters for your hood: aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized, spark-arrestor, as well as custom gap fillers. These baffle grease filters reduce the amount of grease-laden air that escapes into the ductwork and exhaust system. These filters also serve as a firebreak, controlling cooking flare-ups by minimizing flame penetration beyond the filter area. Call us today to order at 800-000.000



Access Panels are crucial to gaining access to the entire duct in order to de-grease and clean the exhaust system properly. We can effectively evaluate your exhaust systems to identify breaches in accessibility then provide suitable access to your duct system to ensure proper and thorough cleaning, Per code, access is required at every turn of the duct, as well as long runs of horizontal and some vertical. Miller installs only UL-listed access panels, as required by NFPA 96.



In accordance with NFPA 96, Miller can install hinge kits on most brands and styles of exhaust fan. These fans can then be safely tipped and cleaned without damage to the conduit, roofing system, or fan itself, resulting in a longer life of your equipment.

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