Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Miller is one of the largest most respected kitchen exhaust cleaning companies in the country, currently servicing 26 states and over 30,000 restaurants each year.


We help eliminate the fire risk in your kitchen by cleaning the entire exhaust system from the roof to the range. Our trained technicians, using only the latest state of the art cleaning equipment and industrial foamers will clean the plenum, entire accessible duct system (including horizontal ducts), fan (including fan blades), and the roof surface itself.



Peace of Mind

At Miller we stand behind and guarantee our work… That means each time your establishment has a Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning performed you are guaranteed that when complete, your Exhaust System will be free of flammable material and will meet rigorous NFPA 96 regulations… PERIOD!



Each job site will have a trained supervisor over-seeing the project to ensure that the exhaust cleaning process is completed thoroughly, to code, and with minimal disruption to your business. We will then provide before and after photos of the service depicting all critical components of the exhaust system so that you can see with your own eyes the quality of our work.


At Miller Commercial Services we are fully committed to delivering unparalleled customer service and we take the partnership we form with you extremely serious.


As a part of the Miller family you will receive…


  • Courteous and knowledgeable customer service representatives that are available 24 hour per day
  • Flexible scheduling and routing built around your business needs
  • Prompt dependable service that is completed on time and to NFPA 96 code every service.
  • A professional experience documented with performance pictures and inspection / deficiency reports
  • A partner in the kitchen exhaust cleaning field that from the customer service associates in the office to the technicians in the field will work tirelessly to exceed your expectations every day!

About Miller Fire Services

Miller is a proven industry leading facility service company specializing in providing Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning, Fire Protection Services, and Grease Management Solutions to tens of thousands of restaurants and facilities coast to coast.


Our customers, whom range from restaurant and retail companies to Government and Municipalities benefit from the most comprehensive, cost effective service model that the industry has to offer today.



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